Pain Management – through Knowledge, Movement, and Mindfulness

Small group sessions over 2 weeks where we learn the science of pain and introduce aspects of Mindfulness. You will learn what can contribute to your pain and discover practical strategies to change this. Mindfulness practices involve short meditations and Mindful Movement. Recordings for home practice are provided and you are encouraged to practice this at home.
Limited to 6 participants. Daytime and evening classes $110.

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Mindful Movement

8-week programme consisting of gentle hour-long classes learning about mindfulness through movement.

The course is based on physiotherapy knowledge, yoga, and mindfulness. It is suitable for all ages and can be adapted to your needs. This class can help with chronic health or pain conditions where you may have lost the confidence to exercise safely. Developing an awareness of how your body responds to physical injuries can assist in recovery. Learn to notice how thoughts and emotions can influence what you feel in your body.

You may discover protective patterns of guarding and tension and learn how to work with this. You will learn strength and flexibility exercises plus balance and breathing practices. Movements will be performed in standing and lying positions with exercise mats provided.

Daytime classes $140

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Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction MBSR

8 week 2.5 hour class with 1 full day mindfulness retreat. MBSR is an evidence-based 8-week course that is the ‘gold standard’ of Mindfulness training. MBSR has 35 years of research behind it. Jon Kabat-Zinn, Professor of Medicine at the University of Massachusetts, is responsible for bringing mindfulness into western medicine. He taught the first MBSR course in 1979 for a group of patients with chronic health problems and stress. Since then MBSR has been taught all over the world and changed lives forever. It can lead to measurable changes in brain regions in 8 weeks.

Activity in the areas of the brain associated with stress and anxiety is reduced and there is an increase in grey matter of those areas associated with reasoning and clear thinking. By committing to 8 weeks of classes and daily home practise, you will learn specific skills and practices that you can use in your daily life to help break cycles of anxiety, stress and unhappiness. Learn to live your life fully, and develop more physical and psychological resilience. Please contact Barbara to register your interest in attending an MBSR course. Costs and venue TBA.

About Barbara Manners

Barbara is a Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist with over 30 years experience, most of this spent at Island Bay Physiotherapy. She has had an interest in Mindfulness for many years and can see how introducing Mindfulness practises to her patients offers benefits to their rehabilitation.

Barbara has been practicing Mindfulness and yoga for 4 years and has been training with the Mindfulness Training Institute of Australia and NZ since 2015. She has obtained Level 1 for teaching Mindfulness-Based Interventions. Barbara regularly attends in-depth retreats and is supervised in her work.

Combining her knowledge of physiotherapy, movement, and Mindfulness, Barbara offers her patients new ways to look at rehab for persistent injuries and pain.

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