Is pain or stress overwhelming your ability to enjoy life? Do you want to find better ways to cope?

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a way of purposefully paying attention to what’s going on in your mind and body. We learn mindfulness by becoming aware of how we move, notice our thoughts and emotions, and see how this may impact on our health and wellbeing. Just as we train our muscles in the body to get stronger, we too can train our minds.

How do we learn Mindfulness?

We learn skills of Mindfulness by bringing awareness to our body and mind, noticing what is present in any one moment. Learn skills of mindfulness with:

   Meditation practices

   Gentle mindful movement

   Applying awareness to everyday activities

What can Mindfulness help with?

   Persistent pain

  •    Chronic health conditions

  •    Stress and Anxiety

  •    Sleep Problems


Mindfulness training can change the structure of your brain.

Discover the benefits which may include:

Increased focus and concentration
Decreased physical symptoms
Quieter mind, sense of balance and well-being
Better stress management
Improved sleep
New ways to cope with your condition or situation
Increased physical and psychological resilience

Learn to notice what is going on in your mind and body right now

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