Pilates exercises focus on strength, flexibility, coordination and balance

How Do the Exercises Work?

Using a combination of both mat exercises and our specialised Pilates equipment, the exercises work on muscle control rather than strength.

The exercises are gentle and are adjusted to individual age and fitness levels. The exercises target the core stabilisers – abdominal and trunk muscles.

Great for flexibility and toning. Clinical Pilates teaches you how to move better with less effort

Who should use Pilates?

Anyone who wants to move better, improve overall fitness, look and feel better.

Pilates is great for injury prevention. Patients recovering from injury.

Clinical Pilates is used in rehabilitation programmes for a variety of injuries, including post-surgical patients.

Scientific research has shown that correct use of the core stabilisers improves spinal function and can prevent further injuries.

Let’s Get Started!

At Island Bay Physiotherapy we can include Pilates as part of your treatment. We have found this a great way of transitioning from injury to your usual activities. We can work with you on an individual basis, using our specialised Pilates Reformer beds or teaching you floor exercises. . You may like to join one of our Pilates classes where you will learn floor exercises in a fun group environment. Pilates is suitable for all ages and fitness levels!


The exercises focus on muscle control, which has been shown to improve athletic performance.

Ante and Postnatal women

Clinical Pilates is particularly beneficial for pelvic stability and improving abdominal strength.

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